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What Our Clients Say

Peter Taylor, March 9th 2016

My boyfriend and I just finished a 9 days tour in Tibet. The organization, guide and car and driver were no problem, they were good at their work, professional, attentive, patient and knowledgeable, they tried their best to give us a perfect journey, we really appreciate their kindness and effort. But the altitude sickness in the first 2 days in the Tibet highland and too much rain in the travel days (it was in August, seemed to be wet season. Unfortunately we only got free time in this month) just prevented us to enjoy much more : ( The sightseeing points like Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Deprung Temple, Sera Temple, Barkhor Street, Shigatse and the Everest were amazingly majestic and beautiful, I think it would be better if we get to there in a more proper time and better physical condition.

Both we consider another Tibet trip in the future, of course we will still use TibetDiscoveryTour as they did everything they should do and deserved a 5 stars.

Karen H. K, Oct 13th 2015

I know Lhasa as a holy land because of one of Chinese friend who had been there for several times. I learned a lot from her and started planned myself a Tibet tour in the last year. In the last week, my dream just came true that I had a trip in Tibet for 7 days, it was a unforgettable experience just like what my friend told me. It’ hard to describe the beauty of Tibet with words……it is so special, unique, pure and mysterious, a place near to the paradise and every one should to visit in his/her life. Lots of thanks to TibetDiscoveryTour, especially Lenna, the lady we communicated in the early days to operate and adjust my itinerary; the guide Joey, taught me a lot about Tibet’s history, culture and religions, a very knowledgeable and friendly guy. I loved his legendary about those lakes, temples and Buddhists most. The driver was also good, a little bit sky, he spoke the local language but always smiled to me. It was the assistance of those guys that I could visit the Patala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Deprung Temple, Bakhor Street, Shigatse, EBC, Yamdrok Lake and so on. Although it was a pity that I didn’t get close to the Everest Peak due to the constraint from the unfitness to the high altitude, I still enjoyed the time in Tibet a lot and strongly appreciated what the company provided to me. Thanks and recommend!

John, August 4th 2015

My wife and children always wanted a travel in China and Tibet, so was I. We coordinated each one’s time and made a primary plan and looked for the reliable travel agency. We compared some ones and finally decided TibetDiscoveryTour because they always replied at the first time and answered our questions well. Amy was good at her job and always patient, enthusiastic, professional and considerate for us. The fact is we chose a right company—they arranged us a good tour itinerary and tour guide as well as an experienced driver. We learned a lot for Beijing, Xian and Tibet about their history, culture, religions and folk customs. I thought our money get its largest value in the tour as we not only appreciated some breathtaking views but also get more ideas but this country.

So we are happy to give a thump-up for this company and recommend it to you if you are also interested in China and the Tibet plateau.

Lionel Cesar, July 26th 2015

“15 days tour in Tibet”

We spent unforgettable days in Tibet of Lhasa, Shigatse, EBC at the Everest and Mt. Kailash with TibetDiscoveryTour. Highly appreciation for the guide Thondup and the driver (sorry for can’t spell his name), they made our journey memorable!

Grace Woods, July 19th 2015

We had a 5 days tour around Lhasa to see Patala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Sera Temple, Barkhor Street, Norbulingka, Namtso. Experience here was fantastic and all the views of nature, history and culture were pretty beautiful and shocked and moved us a lot. It’s a lifetime memory for us. All the days here were joyful and expecting with the wonderful guide and service from the company as well as driver. The only thing regrettable was that we got limited here because busy work and we definitely want one more in-depth visit to Tibet in future. TibetDiscoveryTour would be our choice again!

Tomas, July 12th 2015

My wife and I spent 10 days for a Tibet tour in Lhasa, Namtso Lake, Yangpachen, Shigatse. We booked the tour through Sophia of TibetDiscoveryTour and can’t appreciated the assistance from her and her men more! Always reliable, professional, considerate, friendly and cooperative throughout the whole process since we talked with them on the internet until we spent the lovely days in Tibet. The smooth and well-organized tour we enjoyed was all thanks to the effort of the office staff and guide and driver of this company, they definitely got our appreciation and recommendation.

Vivian J. K, July 8th 2015

Tibet is an absolutely wonderland on earth!!! How could it have so beautiful sky, clouds, rivers, lakes, animals and people……? It’s amazing! We are 4 young people from Europe and we took a group tour as it was cheaper. It was a 12 days tour letting us visit many attraction spots in Tibet but we wanted more time to see more places because it was so mysterious, interesting and fabulous. Potala Place, Jokhang Temple, food and crafts & ornaments on the Barkhor Street, Samye Temple, Yamdork Lake, the EBC, the Everest Peak, Tibetan food, drink, dress ……everything here enchanted us a lot.

People with whom we planned and decided the tour was working well and the guide & driver also fantastic, we enjoyed the time with their assistance and like to recommend their company TibetDiscoveryTour to more people!

Shawn Frank, June 26th 2015

We just finished a 10 days Tibet tour last week which we had planned for 2 years before and it was proved amazing! We are satisfied with the treatment from the moment we inquired and the service as well as response during the whole process of the tour. Especially thanks for the Jessica in the company office and the guide Jack & driver Kunkyi.

Jessica always was contactable and in a quick response. Her professional attitude and expertise in Tibet tour won our trust and we indeed liked the tour. Jack was also good, a professional guide, easy-going, humorous and friendly guy. He knew a lot about Tibet and we got along with each other like old friends but not people who knew each other just couple of days. Kunkyi is a Tibetan, he couldn’t speak English so he just smiled to us and sometimes talked by the translation from Jack. His drive skill was quite great, calm and safety. We surely got some accidental problems during the 10 days but the three guys and other lovely people in their company just helped us to go through them perfectly so we’d like to give a 5 stars to them and their company TibetDiscoveryTour.

Love and Recommend!

Rea JK, June 8th 2015

“Well organized Tibet tour!”

Thanks our tour guide Jason and our driver Dawa giving us a wonderful tour visit in Tibet. We are a family and we’d been China for 3 times (I & my husband 3 times and my son once). We loved this country and decided to do something different This time so we went to Tibet. It really matches its fame “heaven on earth”. We had been to Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street, the EBC to see the highest Mt. Everest, Yamdork tso Lake…everything and people here had their own way there, pure, rough and natural and surely beautiful! All we 3 people thought it the most impressive experience for the travels in past 10 years. Jason’s is a local Tibetan, most time we called him Dorje, he and the dirver Dawa made the trip smooth and interesting. Dorje is knowledgeable, patient (we got lots of questions to him as Tibet is a new land for us and culture & religion and everything is fresh to us, haha), helpful and most important humous, the driver also did a good job with super nice driving.

An overall rate for this trip offered by TibetDiscoveryTour is excellent, 5 stars!

Emily, May 4th 2015

“Want a Tibet Trip again!”

All we experienced in Tibet were fabulous!!! It was a lifetime adventure for us and everyone should take an adventure in his life! Tibet is pretty good place for adventurers. Breathtaking landscapes, majestic snowy mountains, pure blue sky, red clothed monks and beautiful temples, you will take surprisingly good pictures with even your phones here, don’t need photograph skills. I just want to come back here in future years! Stayed in Tibet for about 6 days as we also spent several days in Beijing and Shanghai, couldn’t be excited too much when seeing the Mt. Everest. Of course, some other sites like Potala and Barkhor as well as Jokhang temple also was great, but we like the EBC most cause we love hiking. These two guys, our tour guide and driver were fantastic with no doubt. We spent 6 days like friends, their assistance during the trip was the biggest reason we could get the trip wonderful we think, thank you guys!

Sophia in the office at this company also did a good job, we like her quick response all the time and the treatment from her when we planned and finally decided to book this tour with them, seeming a good decision finally when we finished this travel : )

Thanks all and recommend strongly!

Paul Higgins, March 30th 2015

“Great Adventure”

One friend had been Tibet recommend us a visit here and gave lots of information and pictures to us, then we decided to go there when we got a 2 weeks vocation. Must say it was an amazing experience for us, a couple traveled around the world, and all was thanks to this company and our lovely consultant Jessica, of course, and our fantastic tour guide Joe.

Everything went well during 11 days in China and Tibet. Although something happened like flight delay and bad weather changing our original plan, Joe and Jessica always solved them perfectly, superwoman and superman, appreciate!

We went to lots of places and Tibet is the highest one, higher altitude, less oxygen but also better views! Those Buddhist pilgrims, yaks and other wild animals, Mt. Everest, Potala Palace, Temples and monks, each people and thing here is special and beautiful. We are happy and appreciate we could explore this land, it is different from any else place we visited ever before.

A lifetime memory! Strongly recommend all you guys come here to see this mysterious & beautiful place!

CJmatthew, 23rd March 2015

The tour with TibetDiscoveryTour was fantastic. We got Jessica as our consultant and Wangdark as our guide, with their help, our trip plan worked well and we enjoyed too much in the tour. We are satisfied with the service they offered and strongly recommend them.

We take train to Lhasa from Xining and flight to leave here. The different two transportations gave us different beautiful views. The fantastic scenery we enjoyed started from the time we stepped on the train, to the time in Lhasa and in EBC and lasted to the moment we get off from airplane. We would like to share the wonderful experience with you and also recommend you this agency if you are interested in a Tibet trip.

LeonardJ, August 19th 2014

It was a hasty decision to go to Tibet as all of us got some free time from busy work but it was not a temporary idea, we planned a Tibet trip for years but failed due to various reasons. We are friends and we all want to explore Tibet, the mysterious place. We sent an email for enquiry to this company and get quick reply by Fisher. We kept dozens of mails to confirm the tour and really enjoyed the treatment they gave, quick, professional, useful and considerate. We booked the tour soon.

The time during the tour was enjoyable. We got Tsetan as our private guide. We have been to Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Street in Lhasa, it was wonderful. Tsetan let us know much knowledge there. We also go to Shannan and Ngari. It was a fully exploration to Tibet and a lifetime memory for us.

We have been back to home already and we would like to recommend TibetDiscoveryTour for you if you would like a Tibet trip, this company will definitely give you what you want!

Aaron, August 1st, 2014

I’ve never thought of appreciating Peach Flower Blossom in Tibet, one of the highest places in the world. But I did. I joined in a group tour for 4 days in April with this agency.

We communicated via emails and sometimes phone calls to confirm all details for the tour in advance, Tibet Permit, itinerary and price. Everything fit my expectation except for the time as I am solo and I wanted to joined a group, I need to adjust my time with the whole group. It was not easy as I got work in my country but I managed it and finally I got some time in April. It was a wonderful time with other people from different countries in my group. We shared the amazing time with each other like friends under the guide Jerry. Oh, he is a professional guide and also interesting friend. He explained us the Tibet culture, Buddhism and some interesting customs in humorous way, I think everyone in this group love this guy. I learned much thing I didn’t know at all before. The destination we have been is Lhasa and Nyingchi where we saw pretty beautiful peach flower blossom, it was a sea of pink flower in the canyon. It was a wonderland on earth!

I really enjoyed myself a lot in Tibet with help of this company and strongly recommend them if you also tend to take a Tibet trip!

Joanna Sluiter, June 2nd 2014

We are a family with parents and two kids, daughter with 18 years and son with 19. We got limited time, 5 days for Tibet but we really wanted to visit the special land, especially our children, they learned Tibet from book and internet and took it as one of their dreamy destinations. So we enquired a 5 days tour with this company, TibetDiscoveryTour and we got a professional reply for the tour plan Jessica was our private consultant, she helped us to get Tibet Permit effectively and adjusted our itinerary for times to make the tour fit our condition properly. Later, when we started the tour, all things worked as her suggestions, so we can’t appreciate her patience and knowledge too much.

The travel worked well with our tour guide Mr. Leo. He was a humorous guy and let our journey joyful. He explained us at Potala Palace, Jokhang Monastery and Barkhor Street about their history, legends, Buddhism knowledge and those pilgrims. We learned much thing from him! We also visited Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery, Yamdork Lake. The monasteries were grand and people here was devout, the lake was really really beautiful, like a wonderland, we took many photos here.

We regretted that we only had 5 days here. We really wanted to explore more about Tibet. My children said they would come here again in future and TibetDiscoveryTour would be our only choice for the planner for their second Tibet journey!

Johns Terry, April 19th 2014

Fisher Zhang is a superwoman to get everything in our 14 days Tibet tour well organized. She always replied us quickly for any question in the enquiry stage, me and my wife was treated with great dedication and patience and also excellent professional knowledge, we were very satisfied with her and her work. We show Fisher our original travel plan, and got the Tibet Permit smoothly with her help. The Documents were important & necessary for Tibet travel, thanks her again!

Our guide Kevin was fantastic! He was knowledgeable at Tibetan culture, religion and history. We have longed for the Tibet Tour for years due to its mysterious culture, customs and amazing scenery, Kevin just helped our dream come true. We learned a lot about Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan special customs about marriage, clothes and funeral…… Not only for the explanation to those attractions, Kevin also helped us everything during the whole travel time just like a friend, especially the first day we arrived at Lhasa—my wife got altitude sickness, we felt nervous and worried it might screw up the following time in Tibet. Kevin encouraged and comfortable us, and my wife indeed felt better in the second day as he predicted. We had visisted Potala Palace, Barkhor Street and Jokhang Monastery. It was amazing and a good start of our Tibetan time. In the following days, we come to the Everest Base Camp and the golden Qomolangma Peak was really a lifetime to us……many other attractions and places in the later time with guide from Kevin impressed us a lot, too.

In the 14 days, we entrusted us to TibetDiscoveryTour and got a surprisingly wonderful experience. We have been many famous places in Tibetan, visited those must-see attractions, seen and got ideas about the mysterious land in the world. We strongly recommend this company and our private consultant Fisher as well as the fantastic guide Kevin!