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Basongcuo Lake

Basongcuo Lake is the holy lake of Ningma School of Tibetan Buddhism. The lake has an altitude of 3538 meters and a depth of 166 meters. In 2017 Basongcuo Lake was selected as the national 5A scenic area. Though the lake locates in the isolated mountainous area where is difficult to approach, it is well known to tourists due to its vibrant forest and the beautiful lake scenery – snow mountains, lake, forest, waterfall, pastureland, historical relics, etc. In each season the lake will treat visitors with unique charming scenery. In some people’s mind this area is so beautiful like Switzerland.

The lake water of Basongcuo is so clear that in some part you can see the bottom. The surrounding snow mountains shed their inverted image in the lake. When the spring comes, the lake area will be covered by various wild flowers. And in Autumn here will become the sea of red leaves. The beauty of the lake area is beyond language description.

About 100 meters to lake bank there is an island which is called Zhaxi Island. The local legend says the island is separated from the lake base, instead, it is floating on the lake. On the island there stands Cuozong Gongba Monastery built in the Tang Dynasty. The monastery is 1500 years old now.

Entrance fee: CNY 100 / Ticket

Opening time: 9:00 – 18:00

Travel Tips

For photography lovers the best season to visit Basongcuo Lake is autumn. In autumn the lake area has the richest colors. The colorful scenery created by nature and the less visitors make their a most beloved stop for photographers. The thick forest on the lake bank makes it difficult to take a photo of Zhaxi Island. So visitors need to climb up to the hill opposite to the lake to have a full sight of the island.

Summer is the ideal time to visit local area for normal tourists. In August the local area will hold Basongcuo Tourist Culture Festival. During the festival one will meet some special folk culture performance and some other unique man-made scenery.

It takes about 4 hours from Lhasa to Basongcuo Lake by car. The 360km’s road are all blacktopped highway.  While please take care when you drive through Mila Mountain Pass which has an altitude of 5000 meters.

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