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Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet, also the political, financial and religious center of Tibet. It situates in the middle zone of Tibet plateau and south of Himalaya Mountain, with Lhasa River meandering through its downtown.

Lhasa is the most important stop for most travelers to Tibet as a holy destination. Some people take a Tibet travel as their life dream. Why does Lhasa latch people’ yearning so easily? Because it’s authentic and profound Buddhism culture breeds the earth and endows it unique charm, because all scenery beheld here as breathtakingly sound as God eliminating all flaws of them. In Lhasa, your eyes and hearts will be feasted greatly.

Lhasa also is the base stop for travelers to plan their deeper Tibet exploration as there are direct travel information and tips for those people to carry out a Lhasa tour from Lhasa to other popular Tibetan attractions, such as Ngari, Nyingchi, Everest.

Facts in Brief
Geographical Area: 29,518 km2
Population: 576,100
Altitude: 3658m
Center City: Lhasa
Area Code: 850000
Airport: Gongga Airport
Climate: Mountain Plateau Climate

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