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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions with the detailed explanation regulate the relationship between our customers and TibetDiscoveryTour and let our cooperation follow relative laws and institutions. We try to make our service to you and contract with you normalized and based on the evidence so that you could feel safe to such a non-substantive service. Please read and understand the terms and conditions well, when you book service with us, both parties (customers and TibetDiscoveryTour) should follow these items to cope with anything happening in the tour.

1. Tibet Travel Documents Required
The valid passport and Chinese visa are the required documents as they are important parts for the China tour preparation. If your passport or visa has not been applied yet or due to expiration, please apply or update it as soon as possible, at least 6 months ahead of your travel date. We are happy to offer assistance to apply such documents by your private consultant, however it should be the responsibility of customers’ side and travel agency should be free from any responsibility for failure to getting the documents or anything like that.

2. Tibet Travel Health Required
All risks or problems regarding physical & mental health possibly occurring during the travel time should be under the responsibility of customers and customers should know their health condition well and confirm that they are allowed by their body condition to do the tour in countries they tend to go. If it is required by the visited or transmitted countries, customers should take solely responsibility to check their security, health or things relative themselves in advance. As Tibet is special travel destination with higher altitude and less oxygen which may pose bad influence for people’s heart, blood pressure and even general health, a certificate from doctors to showing your eligible state of health to work well in such special area should be offered by customers in advance.

3. Booking the Tour and Singing the Tour Contract
When tour details settled and you are ready to confirm the tour with TibetDiscoveryTour, you need to follow the procedures to book it: 1) our private consultant will send you an electronical contract contain the agreement we reached before, the info to be completed by your side, the voucher of the tour, and you should can the contract and finish the required items on it, sign your name and then send it back to us. Meanwhile, customers are required to pay a part of money as the deposit. Once we get the contract with all information satisfied and the deposit done, the contract between TibetDiscoveryTour and customer comes into effect.

4. Payment and the Method to Do It
1) Deposit & balance
To confirm the tour, a part of total cost need to be paid in advance as deposit, usually at the amount of 10% of the whole tour rate, but if flights & trains & hotels and other thing like that need to be booked by us, the deposit will be more accordingly.
The balance due should be paid to your guide in cash when you meet her/him on the first day of your travel date. If customers think carrying too much cash is dangerous and inconvenient, you could pay the balance due 10-20 days before your departure date.
2) Paying method
US Dollars, Euro and Chinese RMB are the three currency acceptable currency type for us while other currency like English Pound and Rupee are not suggested. Please note the cash for balance due in foreign currency should be new, clean and has no any damage or smear.
We accept two ways to do the payment for deposit and sometimes balance due at present. The first one is paying via the third party PayPal, which will be highly effective and safe as the third party will take a certain risk. The second available paying method is international bank transfer however the paying side (customer) need to pay the bank service fee charged by the banks. We will supply our bank account for you and you just need to transfer the money form your local bank, which is safer than but not as quick as PayPal and also occurs transfer fee for customers.

5. Itinerary Changes
We are happy to alter your itinerary with NO charge before you sign the contract and pay the deposit according to your ideas about the Tibet tour. However, alteration after the valid contract and deposit payment, we need to charge 5‰ of total tour cost as service fee. And any cost or lose occurring due to the alteration based on customer’s requirements would be shouldered by customer, such as adding or reducing tour members, changing or canceling hotels, trains, airlines and cruise or things like that.

6. Cancelation & Refunds
We understand and regret for your cancelation for the confirmed tour owing to any reasonable reason. In order to guarantee and protect both sides’ interest— travel agency and customer, there is a systematical regulation for cancelation & refunds to conduct to cope with the problems.
We need to receive a written submission or scanning with customer’s signature for the cancelation firstly and then we refund you according to the date you apply for the cancelation.

Tour Cancellation Policy of TibetDiscoveryTour
Date to apply for cancellation Cancellation Cost
 More than 30 days before departure day  10% of total land service cost. Flight & train cancellation cost depends on current policy of airline company and China Railway.
 30-15 days before departure day  20% of total land service cost. Flight & train cancellation cost depends on current policy of airline company and China Railway.
 14-7 days before departure day  40% of total land service cost. Flight & train cancellation cost depends on current policy of airline company and China Railway.
 6-2 days before departure day  70% of total land service cost. Flight & train cancellation cost depends on current policy of airline company and China Railway.
 48 hours before departure day  100% of total land service cost. Flight & train cancellation cost depends on current policy of airline company and China Railway.

Policy for the cancelation to the tour involving booking of flight, train, hotel, cruise or things like that: it depends on the train station, Air Company, hotels and Cruise Company.
Canceling the booked tour should follow the steps below: 1) submit the application for the writing or scanning cancelation documents to your private consultant. 2) Confirm the refund amount. 3) Confirm the refund channel (Bank transfer, PayPal, Cash, etc.) 4) get your refund within 7 days.

7. Insurance Protection
We buy the domestic Travel Accident Insurance in China for our customers with free charges, which is included in the tour package as a necessary part when you confirm the tour. Except this insurance we buy for you, you are highly recommended to purchase an insurance with full coverage in your country of origin, which will provide you with professional emergency aid with high efficiency once you get accidents during your trip.

8. Luggage Allowance
1) For the flights
According to newest regulation of the General Administration of Civil Aviation, hand luggage is requested to keep within the weight of 5 kg and size of 20*40*55cm for the Chinese airlines while the weight of 7 kg and size of 20*40*55cm (three edges couldn’t add up to 115cm) for international airlines. For the free baggage allowance, Chinese airlines agree with the weight of 40kg for luxury class (adult and children), 30kg for the business class and economy class at 20kg and as for infant tickets there is no free baggage allowance. The policy generally works for the international airlines regarding the free baggage allowance except some special conditions. First one is that students who take economy class are allowed with 30kg allowance and people whose destination is at America are permitted to take two baggage with each weighing no more than 23kg. Luggage doesn’t fit for the regulation above may lead to fail to aboard flight.
2) For the trains
The luggage allowance on Chinese train follows the regulation below: adults are allowed to take no more than 20kg luggage, children for 10kg and diplomatic staff for 35kg. Baggage with weight more than the above requirement need to be consigned, or passengers may be refused to aboard train.

9. Responsibility Statements
TibetDiscoveryTour shall be free from responsibility for any property & body loss or hurt, damage, partial or full cancelation & alteration of tour itinerary resulted by force majeure elements, including natural disasters such as flood, fire, earthquake and snowstorm, problems form third party like train or flight delay, governmental events which pose negative influence to the tourism between two countries, wars, terrorist attack, riot, theft and robbery or anything like the above items which are out of control by TibetDiscoveryTour.
Meanwhile, the loss or injury caused by customers themselves shall not be responsible by TibetDiscoveryTour, such as the tour cancelation or delay or advance by customers, wrong information supplied by the customers which has been confirmed well with you by our private consultants before.