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Oxygen Supplier on Tibet Train

The Tibet trains are covered with professional oxygen supplying facility to try to guarantee passengers a safe and comfortable train journey. Most people would have problems about altitude sickness more or less, so the introductions about the oxygen supplier should be paid more attention for people who are interested in a Tibet train tour.

All the trains from inland to Tibet starts to be supplemented with oxygen from Golmud station where the trains come onto the plateau with higher altitude threatening people’s health. Smoking is strictly prohibited from this station and the whole carriages of the trains would be enclosed totally to confirm the proper inside environment of the trains.

Trains running on the Qinghai-Tibet Railway are equipped with the independent oxygen making plants, producing and delivering oxygen to those passengers by two ways—one is diffuse type and another one is distributed type. The diffuse type supplies the fresh oxygen by air conditioners to raise the oxygen content in the whole carriages while distributed type gives oxygen by the special tubes with outlet near the hard seats, soft sleepers and hard sleepers.

There are outlet for oxygen on the wall of corridor and at the head of beds in sleeper carriages while the oxygen outlets are placed under the hard seats. Because the hard seats carriages bear more passengers, the larger demand for the oxygen happens here. People would feel better in the sleeper beds carriage due to its higher oxygen concentration, thus, the people who firstly enter into the Tibet by train are suggested to buy sleeper tickets.

Of course, the oxygen supplied on the train is just the basic assurance for people’s health. Except it, the trains also are equipped with the doctors since passes the Golmud Station so passengers could ask aid from the doctors if they still suffer from the altitude sickness after oxygen supplement.

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