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Soft Sleeper on Tibet Train

There are three sorts of options on the train to Lhasa, soft sleepers combined with hard sleepers and hard seat, arranged in the order of the first class, second class and third class and their prices also are in descending order.
Considering the tour in Tibet need a good physical condition, soft sleeper usually wins more favor and are the first recommended option on the train to Tibet.

The most outstanding advantages soft sleeper bearing are its door, 4-berth in one compartment and the independent charging device in each compartment as well as some other merits. Below is the brief introduction and pictures to the facilities in soft sleeper carriage for travelers’ reference.

1) Different from the hard sleeper berth, soft sleepers have a door to allow passengers the private and safer space to keep dangers, noise and disturbance out in a certain degree, which is the striking advantage compared with hard sleeper room.

2) A one more advantage is that there are 4 berths sharing one room with an upper and lower berths on each sides, allowing people to enjoy more space.

3) The available charging device in each independent compartment to free travelers from the concern that your train journey would be curbed with the low battery.

4) A small TV in each room as a way of entertainment for people to kill time.

5) Oxygen outlet is equipped in each room and the aisle to relieve altitude sickness for someone who suffer from such pain.

6) The luggage closet with large enough space for you to put your belongings.

The public facilities for soft sleeper carriage that passengers concern most like toilet, washing room and smoking area is showing in the flowing test and pictures.

1) Toilet in the soft sleeper carriage

There are two toilets supplied at both ends of a soft sleeper carriage with one squatting toilet and one sitting toilet. An electronic screen out of the toilet room shows whether there is people using the toilet—the green sign lights means no one is in the toilet room while red sign means you should wait for a while.

2) Place for washing in the soft sleeper carriage

There is a public area outside of the toilet room for washing, where passengers could enjoy hot & cold water as well as a large mirror.

3) Smoking area

Smoking is usually prohibited in the public area on the train, although there is a special area for smoking people to have a brief relief at the end of a carriage, however, considering the possible suffering from altitude sickness, passengers on Qinghai-Tibet train are strongly not suggested to smoke here, especially after the train pass the Golumd in response to the ascending altitude.

4) Drinking water supplier

At both ends of the carriage, there are two devices supplying drinking water, including cold water and hot water.

5) Corridor out of the soft sleeper rooms

With huge advantages above, soft sleepers always are in a large demand throughout the whole year. So if foreigners would like to take train to Tibet, they should better let a travel agency to take care train tickets booking and tour arrangement, which is the safest way to have a good Tibet trip. TibetDiscoveryTour is a professional Tibet trip operator to offer whatever service you want, like the hard-to-book train tickets. Please click here to ask help from our private consultant to help cope with the tickets

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