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Tibet Travel Guide

There are collected information covering all aspects of a Tibet Tour: attractions, weather, transportations, nightlife, Tibetan foods, tips for the local religions and cultures and son on. We are trying to offer as in-depth as tour details for our customers to get ideas, prepare and plan their Tibet tours. All the following information are newest and based on former customer’s feedback and real experience as well as vast date tracking and collecting. Travelers could easily get to know something about this holy highland and have some ideas about their Tibet tour. If there are still questions or information you need we have not supplied, please don’t hesitate to ask from our professional tour consultants.

Tibet Regions

With the wonderful natural views, mysterious culture and splendid religions of Tibet, all visitors here will be feasted at eyes and hearts by attractions scattering on Tibetan earth. Those hot attractions could be seen in major seven regions: Lhasa, Nyingchi, Lhokha, Shigatse, Ngari, Nagchu and Chamdo. As the capital city, Lhasa in the center zone is embraced by Ngari in the west remote area, Nyingchi with a relatively lower altitude in the east and The Everest at Shigatse in the southwest. Elaborate information regarding each region as below to enlighten your amazing Tibet tour lists attractions, local festivals, tours, maps and weathers and so on.

Tibet Travel Advice

Tibet Travel Tips

Due to the special geographical environment, climate feature, humanity history, folk culture, and local tradition, people need to do more preparation for Tibet tour. sum up some useful tips that will make your Tibet tour smoother, safer, and more comfortable. more>>

Boundary Ports in Tibet

At present there are five boundary ports opened in Tibet: Zhangmu, Pulan, Gyirong, Riwu, and Yadong. more>>

Tibetan Hotels

Tibetan tourism is developing and more and more foreigners are visiting the Rooftop of the World. With the inflow of visitors Tibet is having to supply an increasing number of hotels, guesthouses and hostels. more>>

What to Eat and Where to Eat in Tibet

Eating in Tibet is always a concern for travelers who don’t know what to expect from such an exotic region. However it is important that you eat a healthy diet while in Tibet to fortify you against the high altitude and cold temperatures. more>>

Discover Tibetan Festivals

Visiting Tibet during one of the Tibetan festivals is an exciting addition to any trip. You get to see a unique display of culture and tradition. The amazing thing about Tibetan festivals is that you get to see locals wearing their traditional garments and performing age-old dances and rituals. more>>

Tibetan Culture and Arts

Tibet is an expansive region where there are several geographical areas and unique traditions and cultures. The remote location has helped to preserve much of Tibet’s cultural heritage and traditional arts. Its isolated location has protected the rich indigenous culture from modern and western in... more>>

Xian-Lhasa Train

Check Xian-Lhasa Train Travel Guide to learn details of train from Xian to Lhasa. It would be a good combination of two tourist legends if there is a train links Xian and Lhasa because it would not be a dream to string Terracotta Warriors with Potala Palace, Roujiamo (Chinese hamburger) with but... more>>

Health and Safety when Visiting Tibet

Tibet’s high altitude and dry climate plus its remote location makes it a travel destination which needs extra planning. The health and safety concerns when visiting Tibet are unique from other travel destinations. It is important to take precautions to cope with the altitude, intense sun, dry at... more>>

Brief History of Tibet

Tibet is at the heart of Asia sandwiched between China and India and sharing borders also with Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan and Myanmar. To the west of Tibet is the Himalayan mountain range and Mt. Everest. Tibet takes up about a quarter of Chinese territory. Due to its high altitude and cold weather it... more>>

Tibetan Customs and Taboos Worth Knowing before Visiting Tibet

In order to respect the Tibetans and not disrupt their lives too much tourists are advised to read up on the correct way to behave when visiting Tibet. This article is about some useful tips about the etiquette, values, customs and manners practiced in Tibet and how you can fit in. more>>

How to Take a Train to Tibet

Taking a flight to visit Lhasa is fast but you may miss some scenery on the way. Then taking a train to Tibet becomes a good choice. There are connecting lines from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu and Lanzhou to Lhasa which meet up at Xining to make the final stretch to Lhasa. more>>

Booking a Flight to Tibet

This article is about flights connecting to Lhasa from Chinese cities and Nepal. Flying from other cities to Tibet one will have a bird's eye of heart-touching snow-peak and Tibetan plateau. more>>

Tibet Weather Guide

Tibet Weather Guide offers the basic climate and weather statistics about Tibetan area. These statistics will help tourists prepare jackets to bring with them when planning the Tibet tour. more>>

What to Pack for Tibet Tour

Planning to visit China Tibet but are confused about what to take for the tour? Bringing too much will be burden but if bringing less then what to do when I need them and there is no place to buy? Tibet Discovery foresees your concerns and write down the list of tings necessary for ordinary touri... more>>

Planning Your Tibet Tour

With the policy changed, Tibet becomes a increasingly welcomed tourist destination. While due to its high altitude and other natural and cultural reasons, one needs to consider more when planning a Tibet Tour. This article give some useful info to help with your tour planning: When to visit Tibet... more>>