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Tibet Travel Tips

At present Tibet is one of the top tourist destinations in China. The unique natural and cultural scenery attract thousands of domestic and international tourists each months. But due to the special geographical environment, climate feature, humanity history, folk culture, and local tradition, people need to do more preparation for Tibet tour. Tibetdiscoverytour.com sum up some useful tips that will make your Tibet tour smoother, safer, and more comfortable.

Pelkor Pagoda
  1. People who have bad hypertension, heart disease, and respiratory disorder are not suggested to visit Tibet. And please do not go to Tibet when you have a heavy cold.
  2. You will suffer from light or heavy altitude stress upon your arrival in the plateau. While most of people will adapt themselves to the plateau altitude without treatment. So please do not throw yourselves to oxygen supplier. Taking oxygen from the supplier can ease chest distress and scant of breath temporarily. But once you stop the oxygen breath, the plateau sickness will come to you again. We advise you start taking anti-plateau sickness medicine 3-5 days before you enter Tibet.
  3. Please do not leave your valuable articles at hotel room. If it is not convenient to carry each day, you are advised to leave them at hotel reception. And if you join in some night activity, please make sure to return to hotel before 12:00 at night.
  4. Most of hotel in Tibet have no air conditioner, and the local day-and-night temperature difference is quite remarkable, so please take some thick jackets according to weather forecast. Sunlight in Tibet is stronger and air is drier than other areas. Things like sun cream, sunglasses, lip gloss are necessary. Of course drink relatively more water each day is the must.
  5. All hotels in Tibet heat water for bathing with solar energy. If it isn’t sunny the hotels may short of water for bathing. And because of the unique climate, most of cars in Tibet has no air conditioner or they are forbidden to turn on the air conditioner (Altitude of Tibet is high, if turn on the air conditioner, the car will loose some power and become slower. On the other hand, the huge temperature different in and outside the car will make tourists get a cold easily). And distances from one site to another site are usually quite long, so please bring some motion sickness medicine if you need them in case.
  6. Cities in Tibet are not so developed as cities in other provinces. And the hotels are less good than in other cities. Even the star hotels may also fail to meet your expectation. Hot water supplication, staff service attitude, and dinning condition are all less good than normal standard. Please kindly understand.
  7. If you travel to grassland in northern Tibet and Everest Base Camp, you will stay in guest house where equipment are poorer. Please bring some toilet requisites on your own. And you are advised to bring some food of higher calorific power like chocolate, cookie and beef.
  8. The long driving time from one destination to another destination may delay your lunch or dinner. So again you are advised to bring some food and snacks.

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